Monday, December 19, 2011

Current Events

New things are happening.

  • Jennifer and I are now co-vice presidents of Box 13.
  • I'm going to have two pieces in a self portrait show at Lawndale during Fotofest.
  • My How I Will Die series will also be up during Fotofest at Gallery 1724. The opening will be March 31.
  • I'm working a new project with a collaborator. Images and details coming soon.

The real reason I love 4x5

Today I discovered a subconscious reason why I think 4x5 film is the best. I'm working on a new series that I'm shooting on medium format. It was so frustrating at the end of the shoot to not be able to process it right away because the roll wasn't done yet. I love instant gratification. With 4x5, you could shoot just one frame and still get it processed right away.

Plus, I love wearing my dark cloth as a cape. :)