Sunday, February 21, 2010

Installing a show

I spent this weekend installing a show at the Annex Gallery at HCC Southwest. I've been the gallery coordinator there for two years. Most of the shows are faculty or student shows, but everyone once in a while I get to organize my own show. Last summer, I curated a show called Substance with 5 photographers that turned out really well. Since Fotofest is happening this year, I asked if I could organize a photo show and I got the go ahead.

My friend, David, has been toying with the idea of a project called "How I Will Die" for a few years now. The idea would be to explore ways that he, specifically, could go. One day, I was complaining about having no ideas of things to shoot, he suggested I shoot how I would die because it would be different than his. From there, we decided to make a group show of it. Now, the show includes 10 artists of varying demographics.

So, I installed it this weekend and discovered why curators aren't suppose to include their own work in shows. Oh well, now I know for next time.

Here's a sneak peek of the space.

The show is officially open Feb 22-Apr 1. We are having an artists reception March 26 from 7-9pm. The Annex Gallery is at 13645 Murphy Rd, Stafford, TX.

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