Monday, March 7, 2011


I am very excited to be curating the University of Houston photo/digital media senior show this year. The show is called ID and features 14 artists working with the theme of identity. It will run Apr 8- May 6 at Darke Gallery (320B Detering, Houston, 77007). The opening reception is Friday, Apr 8 from 6-9pm. Here's a sneak peek!

An Nguyen, still from A Butterfly Wade, Single-channel Video, 2010

Lillie Monstrum, Invention No. 19, Archival Inkjet Print, 10” x 15”, 2011
Max G. Trautner, Choice of Salad, Archival Inkjet Print, 15" x 19", 2010

They also got a billboard to advertise their show. It was written up on The Great God Pan is Dead.

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