Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Beginnings

This week I moved into a studio and into a new job/office. It's been a big week since I've never had a studio or an office.

On Saturday, Jennifer McNichols and I moved into Box 13. We are planning on building a color darkroom, but out first task was to clean up the space. It was kind of a wreck when we got there.

This is going to be the light area. We are planning on a few tables, shelves and 5500K light sources. We'll also hang some of our work.

Just to the left of where the above picture ends, there is a door that leads into this room. This is will the darkroom part. I love the amber bottles on the window sill. :)

I also started at College of the Mainland as an Assistant Professor. Yesterday I poked around the darkroom. The school has a 4x5 camera and a bunch of TRLs. Yay! There is also the Epson scanner and printer that we have at HCP which is awesome. The darkroom is nice, but needs more enlargers. That might be my first goal.

This is the classroom area. There is also a mini darkroom off of this room that only has 2 enlargers in it.

I also spent a lot of time yesterday organizing my office. I'm super excited about the office since I've never had one before. I share the space with Mark Greenwalt who teaches painting and drawing. I look forward to covering my walls with art-y stuff. (If you want to donate to this cause, that would be awesome.)

More to come...

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  1. Awesome changes! Thanks for the newsy illustrated blog post!