Sunday, March 28, 2010

How I Will Die and Everything has its Place

It was a busy art weekend. In addition to going to a two day class to learn Lightroom, I went to two fun receptions. The first was my own show, How I Will Die. It was actually a closing for us. I organized the show and I am super happy with how it turned out. Here's me with my work.

The artists in the show were: (from left to right) Laura J. Bennett, Jennifer L. F. McNichols, David McClain, Rachel Hewlett, me, An Nguyen, Emily Peacock and Matthew Manalo.

On Saturday, the UH seniors had their senior show. Most of this group was in the very first class I taught at UH so it was really cool to see what they've made since then. Here are some of them. Thanks to Monica Kressman for letting me gank her images from her facebook page to use here.

Charlotte Boman

Dena Wallace

Rowan Bigham

Stephanie Gobea

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  1. Thanks for coming out to our show!!! I heard you finally met Joe Winston. Great guy. You, Laura, and him have been my favorite professors to work with. Thanks again!!