Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Meeting Place wrap up

So The Meeting Place was an interesting experience. Two years ago, I did it for the first time. It was a great experience. People were very enthusiastic about the work and I got my work into a gallery. This time was not as good. The reviews were very mixed, with about half saying the work was too conceptual and the other half saying it was too literal. I'm not sure how it could be both. I was also told that my work is conceptually immature from one reviewer and another asked if I was in therapy. In hindsight, I wish I had not done it this year. I didn't have enough new work to show and wasn't prepared with enough questions for the reviewers. Oh well, live and learn.

One cool thing did happen though. Mary Virginia Swanson, who specializes in marketing was a reviewer. She was super prepared and had already looked at my website before I sat down so she could give suggestions. She thought that it was cool that the blog section was so current because I had my list of reviewers posted and took a screen shot of it during the review. On Tuesday, she taught a marketing workshop. I wasn't able to go, but my friend, Jennifer, said that she showed my blog during the workshop. Awesome!

Time to write thank you notes...

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  1. Yep, and everyone in the audience was super impressed by your blog. It inspired me to get my blog relaunched. I can't wait to see your polaroids - I can't believe you have so many!