Thursday, January 21, 2010

New favorite artist (of the week)

When I was in San Diego for Christmas, my family and I went to see a show at the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego of Tara Donovan's work. I wasn't familiar with her work but it looked cool online so we all went. It was amazing! She makes work out of everyday objects on a monumental scale.

This was the piece that was on the website and made me want to go see it. It's made of styrofoam cups.

This was my favorite piece in the show. It was made of millions of drinking straw stacked against a wall. Some were pulled out at different lengths from the wall of its had a wavy effect. The coolest thing though was that as you moved around it looked completely different. You could only see the holes in the straws you were right in front of. The holes make the straws look brighter so as you move around, the bright spot moves around also. It was very neat!

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  1. the straws piece was definitely my favorite too. it was unlike anything else i'd ever seen.