Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top Photographers #5 again

The problem with listing my 5 favorite photographers is that I really only have 2. The other 3 are pretty much always changing. My number 5 changed this weekend, hence writing about #5 again.
Four years ago, I was living in LA and I went to an event called PhotoLA which is basically a bunch of commercial galleries showing off the work they sell. One of the booths there was Photo Eye which is a book seller. I found this little book by a photographer I had never heard of. The book was a small paperback that came with a limited edition print. This is the print I chose to buy.

I noticed that the artists contact info was in the back of the book and I was so taken with the work that I even emailed him to let him know how much I liked it. He wrote back and was very kind.

Skip ahead 4 years, Friday night I was at HCP's annual print auction preview exhibition. I have a tradition of walking through the exhibition and decided what I would buy if I had any money and which piece is my absolute favorite. I do this without looking at the labels so I'm basing my decision only on the art itself. This year, this monkey picture is my favorite.

So, I go up to the piece to look at the label and turns out it was the same photographer that I found at PhotoLA: Hiroshi Wantanabe.

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  1. cool story; i love when things like that happen. i really like the bird photo, too, with their little feet so much darker than the rest of them.